Registration fees

Registration fees may vary slightly according to the geographical area. Please consult the details on the page of your exam centre.

Your registration fees can be paid by Bank or Post transfers, as well as by Credit Card : Visa or Mastercard.

Download the DELF DALF Exam Regulations

Download the DELF DALF Appeals Regulations (in French)

Any questions? Our Exam Centres are happy to help you.

Registration for schools and teachers

Benefits of collective/class registration for Teachers and Administrators of Schools: to receive a summary of your classes results by e-mail in a PDF document, simply:

  • Have your students register on-line, then
  • send the following via e-mail to the Exam Centre:
  1. A list with the names of your students/candidates
  2. Your contact details (your name, name of your school, address, name of the class)
  3. The diploma you want to register for (ie DELF B1 Junior) 

A summary of your class results will be sent to you by e-mail in a PDF document.

Using online registration helps us to keep administration and examination fees lower. However, if you wish to register in person or by post, please contact your Exam Centre.

To view the calendar and forms in French, please change the language from «en» to «fr» at the top right of this page.

Nach oben

Diplomas available

Anyone whose native language is not French can register.

Exam dates for 2016

Enrolments for the November exam session 2016 will open on 2nd August 2016.

Online registration for selected sessions: Choose your Exam Centre and click the exam you would like to register for.

Note: Late registration is possible for exams that are marked red and that you are able to click on. Exams listed in grey indicates that registration is closed. Attention: A fee of CHF 50 will be required for late registrations between the national closing date and the late registration deadline of the centre (see table below and view the exam regulations).

J = Junior, TP = Tout public (adults), Prim = primary school pupils (8 to 12 years), Pro = option professionnelle, business communication (young adults and adults)

The summer session DELF Prim is designed for children between 8 and 12 during or after French language summer camp. The exams will be held in Blonay, close to Montreux.

DELF PrimLevel A

Les diplômes qui gagnent. · ·